Hickling Herd Dams

This page will provide you with information about the breeding females that we currently have. Starting our herd in October 2015 we knew the type of cattle we wanted to purchase to form the basis of our herd. This was to have plenty of breed type such as easy calving, easy to handle and easy doing cattle. This very much started at the Pulham herd with us purchasing 5 breeding cows and some young stock but over the last 18 months we have spent some time traveling to other herds and also to Ireland to find some young stock which will over the next 12-18 months come into the herd as breeding heifers. We therefore have hopefully established a good grounding for our herd and we are very excited to see how the young heifers mature into being breeding stock for our herd going forward

Breeding Cows

Pulham Bonny 5th

  • DOB: 13th May 2012 
  • Dam: Badlingham Bonny 75th
  • Sire: Sarabande Huggy Bear
  • Photo taken February 2016, Pulham Bonny with Hickling Nightwatch suckling.

Pulham Lobelia 1st

  • DOB: 19th March 2012
  • Dam: Clipston Lobelia K6
  • Sire: Sarabande Huggy Bear
  • Photo taken May 2016, 4.2 years old.


Pulham Dowager 1st

  • Born: 5th September 2012
  • Dam: Haven Dowager 161st
  • Sire: Sarabande Huggy Bear
  • Photo coming shortly

Mara Blossom 36th

  • Born: 1st April 2010
  • Dam: Clipston Blossom F18
  • Sire: Mara Archer
  • Photo coming shortly

Young breeding stock

Bulling Heifers

Pulham Pansy 6th

Pulham Pansy 6th

  • DOB: 10th January 2015
  • Dam: Clipston Pansy L10
  • Sire: Yarram Unique F181
  • Photo taken at 14th Months


Pulham Blossom 18th

Pulham Blossom 18th

  • Born: 6th April 2015
  • Dam: Mara Blossom 36th
  • Sire: Haven Hotspur
  • Photo taken at 13 months.
Pulham Tiara 2nd

Pulham Tiara 2nd

  • Born: 16th March 2015
  • Dam: Clipston Tiara J3
  • Sire: Yarram Unique F181
  • Picture taken at 14 months.
Pulham Tiara 2nd

Pulham Lobelia 2nd

  • Born: 18th January 2015
  • Dam: Pulham Lobelia 1st
  • Sire: Badlingham Beefeater
  • Picture coming shortly …

Weaned Heifers

hickling blossom 1st

Hickling Blossom 1st

  • DOB: 4th April 2016
  • Dam: Pulham Blossom 9th
  • Sire: Pulham Lancelot
  • Picture taken at 2 months.


hickling blossom 2nd

Hickling Blossom 2nd

  • Born: 15th May 2016
  • Dam: Mara Blossom 36th
  • Sire: Pulham Lancelot
  • Picture taken at 3 months.
coolnacritta teesie picture taken at 9 months

Coolnacritta Teesie

  • Born: 12th Feburary 2016
  • Dam: Coolnacritta Flossy
  • Sire: Glaslough King
  • Picture taken at 9 months.
Coolnacritta Gabby

Coolnacritta Gabby

  • DOB: 17th February 2016
  • Dam: Coolnacritta Genna
  • Sire: Glaslough King
  • Picture coming shortly …


Heifer Calfs

hickling blossom 3rd picture taken at 2 months

Hickling Blossom 3rd

  • DOB: 9th September 2016
  • Dam: Pulham Blossom 13th
  • Sire: Haven Cavalier
  • Picture taken at 2 months.


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