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Norman Farming Partnership & Hickling Herefords

Hickling Herefords was established in October 2015 by Norman Farming Partnership who consists of Robert Norman, Harvey Norman and Tessa Norman.

Being a solely arable farm we identified the need for a livestock enterprise and therefore began the search for a suitable pedigree breed. We wanted a breed which was easy to handle, easy to get good carcass conformation and a breed we would enjoy showing and researching into blood lines and traits to develop a herd which would in years to come be known for high quality and high herd health status cattle. Herefords we felt ticked many of these boxes.

The search for our starter herd began and upon visiting the Pulham Herd in April 2015 we met Phil and Laura Vincent who had what we thought to be great options to start our herd with. After agreeing to purchase 5 cows 4 heifer calfs and one in calf heifer the foundation of our herd was established. Phil and Laura have been a great help both through supplying some lovely cattle to start our herd with but also lots of invaluable help and advice which we thank them for greatly.

The herd was nearly complete but we wanted to buy a Bull to serve the herd for the first few years. Where better to buy your first Bull from than the Haven Herd. We travelled to Herefordshire to meet Edward and Ben Lewis and agreed to purchase our first stock Bull Haven Magnum. Magnum has worked well so far and we expect his first calves to be born in February 2017.

High Herd health status is a massive part of what we are trying to achieve and we are currently working our way towards qualifying as an Elite herd health status under the SRUC Premium cattle health scheme.

Our ambition is to develop the herd to include some great blood lines with cattle that we will be proud of, showing ideal breed characters and producing some fantastic breeding stock which we will hopefully be able to sell into other herds. Showing will form a large part of establishing our name in the breed and therefore we plan to enter shows with worthy cattle from spring 2017.

We would welcome any visitor to our farm to see our developing herd.

Norman Farming Partnership

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